Superintendent’s Message

The Seasons of Giving
Our house, like many, are drawn into preparations for the upcoming holidays. It is bustling with holiday decorations, cooking and planning. My husband loves to decorate. It is both delightful….and frustrating…. to watch him become a child again. I am truly lucky if the finishing touches are done by Christmas morning and nothing comes down until a week after the New Year. Oh my!
Though I, too, love these preparations, my heart now feels a sense of loss. I miss watching our young children’s anticipation build to pure glee before the holiday arrived. I miss the joy of watching Joe’s mom search incessantly to find just the right gift for each of us. She shopped the entire year. While I can never recapture the joy of our many Christmases as a young family, I hold them tight as memories. Those memories will last a lifetime for me, my husband and our children and in life it is the memories that draw us through our daily being.
As our lives continue to march on, I have become more reflective of the meaning of this season. Truly it is about the giving. Be it my joy in watching our children get so excited or in Joe’s mom’s joy of finding just the right thing, it was about the act of giving and what it brought as feelings for those that received of our giving that stands the test of time.
Giving is what stays with us. While giving gifts is a piece of the puzzle, giving to others by helping them with needs, by supporting their goals, by taking time to listen and to hear, and by simply being there in the same time and space for a while is what is most important. Read more

This Week at a Glance

Sunday, December 5th -
3:00 pmJunior High Boys Basketball Practice
JH Gym
3:00 pmClub Volleyball
HS Gym
Monday, December 6th -
3:30 pm4th Gr Basketball Practice
ES Gym
3:45 pmVar B Bball practice
JH Gym
4:30 pmWrestling: JH 6 Team Round Robin vs Away vs. Multiple Schools (Away)
Cardinal High School
4:30 pmBasketball: Girls JH Double Header vs New London (Home)
West Burlington High School, HS Gym
5:00 pm4th Gr Basketball Practice
ES Gym
6:00 pmSchool Board Work Session
Board Room
6:00 pmHigh School Girls Basketball
HS Gym
Tuesday, December 7th -
3:45 pm3rd Gr Basketball Practice
ES Gym
4:00 pmJH Girls Basketball Practice
JH Gym
4:00 pmFTC Iowa Blue League Meet #7
Multiple Locations
4:30 pmBasketball: Girls JV Game vs Notre Dame (Away)
Notre Dame High School
5:00 pm5th Gr Basketball Practice
ES Gym
6:00 pmBasketball: Girls Varsity Game vs Notre Dame (Away)
Notre Dame High School