West Burlington families and stakeholders,

I hope we have all thawed out from a stretch of super cold weather and large amounts of snow. I used to think of the West Burlington/Burlington area as the “Florida” of Iowa; I have since dismissed this notion. Our last day of school on our annual calendar was originally set to be May 29th. We now have six snow days to makeup which sets our last day of school as June 6th. June 6th is our last day as of February 8th. As we are all aware, this date could change.  We do have a week long spring break planned this year. Currently there is no plan to make up snow days during the week of March 18th. West Burlington Independent School District will make up the school days missed because of inclement weather at the end of the school year. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation on days we cancel school, dismiss early, or start late. West Burlington Schools recognizes the delays cause inconveniences but believe these delays, dismissals, or cancellations are necessary to keep students, parents, and staff safe.

As West Burlington Independent School District goes through the planning and preparation process for the 2019 -2020 school year, one of the important duties is to set the school calendar. We view early out Fridays as a very positive aspect of our calendar.  When students are dismissed at 2:15 every Friday, the teaching staff engages in professional development. West Burlington ISD conducts a wide range of activities with the ultimate goal of enhancing instruction and improving learning. Our Iowa Assessments and formative assessments indicate the PD time has been well spent as we see the training and improved instruction translate to great test scores.  I commend our students and staff for a job well done.

Our teachers spend Friday afternoons learning about Whole Brain teaching, Math instruction, Literacy, and the Iowa Core. They also spend time on technology and PBIS.  Gradual Release of Responsibility is an instructional technique that places the responsibility to learn on both the teacher and the student. Love and Logic is a classroom management technique which gives teachers the skills to defuse student behaviors and bring the student back into the learning process. All of our teachers spend a great deal of time collaborating and learning strategies to better serve our students in small groups and on an individual basis.  We are getting great results from all of our professional development offerings. We are especially proud of the leadership we get from our teaching staff in presenting professional development.

West Burlington Independent School District is proud to serve your student(s).  If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact a school official. We are here to help.  My contact information is david.schmitt@wbschools.us or (319) 752-8747.  Kids First!