Happy New Year to all!  We would like to provide a friendly reminder of the following dates.  The first semester concludes on January 11th, a work/professional day on January 14th and the start of second semester on January 15th. I am sure we are all in agreement this school year is flying by at supersonic speed. The good news is we still have an entire semester of teaching and learning to enjoy.

The previous installment of the newsletter briefly touched upon our ESSA accountability. I am very proud to share our Every Student Succeeds Act accountability ratings. The Every Student Succeeds Act has replaced the widely known No Child Left Behind Act, commonly known as NCLB. West Burlington’s ESSA ratings have proven to be very good.

For starters, I am proud to report that West Burlington Independent School District has met all six school district targets.  The targets involve a comprehensive target —- the entire building as well as subgroup targets under the label of “Targeted.” WBISD met both targets in all three buildings, thus we met a total of 6 targets out of six possible targets.  That is only the beginning of the good news. (Click here to Read More) 

Before we explore our specific buildings, I would like to share some district-wide demographic data.  74.9 % of West Burlington students are white, 6.2 % Hispanic, and .3 % are Native American, 9.7% are Multiracial, 6.9% are Black/African American, and 2.1 % are Asian. West Burlington’s demographics are pretty close to the overall state percentages. 75.7 % of school students are white, 10.9 % are Hispanic, Pacific Islander students are .3%, 2.5% Asian, 4 % Multiracial, and Black/African American students comprise 6.2% of our total  student population in the state of Iowa. We are proud of our diverse student population at West Burlington.

50.3% of our student population are female and 49.7 % are male. Statewide, 51.5% of the student population are males, and 48.5 are female.  1 % of our students are English Learners compared to 6.1% statewide. 10.1 % of West Burlington students have a disability compared to 12.3% statewide, and 43.9% of West Burlington students are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunches versus 40.5% across the state of Iowa.

One of the most telling statistics in looking at a school is the graduation rate. West Burlington ISD’s four year cohort is 92.19 % compared to the state average of 90.98 %. West Burlington really shines when we report a 100% graduation rate for students in the five year cohort, compared to the state average of 93.44.  Our elementary building has an overall score of 53.96 compared to the 54.91 statewide average. West Burlington Elementary met both targets. A significant portion of the ESSA rating is based upon growth. Our achievement scores at the elementary building already indicate high proficiency ratings, making growth more difficult, but still attainable. When compared with 21 other area elementary buildings our ESSA rating ranked 7th.  Our proficiency scores at West Burlington Elementary included 87.68 %  in reading and 92.12% in math. State proficiency averages are 77.04 % in reading and 78.26 % in math.

West Burlington Junior High School also has a good ESSA rating, The Junior High met both targets with an ESSA rating of 52.86 compared to the state average of 54.91. Our Junior High students scored a proficiency percentage of 79.6% in reading and 77.27% in math compared to state averages of 77.04 % in reading and 78.26 % in math. We have seen great growth in our junior high the last two years. When compared with 14 area Junior High/Middle Schools, WB ranks 3rd in the ESSA rating.

West Burlington Arnold High School received an ESSA rating of 65.11 compared to the state average of 54.91. West Burlington High School met both targets and scored 91.13%  in reading proficiency and 87.9% in math proficiency. State averages in reading and math proficiency are 77.04 % and 78.26% respectively. When compared with 11 area high schools, West Burlington ranks number 1. Speaking frankly, our high school’s ESSA rating is stellar.

The data indicates West Burlington Independent School District is doing well. We will not, however, rest on our successes. We all have a lot of work to do in regard to teaching and learning. If you would like to access this website use this link, https://www.iaschoolperformance.gov/Home/Index. If you would be interested in discussing the results in more detail, please contact me. David.Schmitt@wbschools.us or (319) 752-8747 I look forward to hearing from you.