The first quarter will have come and gone by time the November newsletter hits your mailbox. We have had a successful first quarter and West Burlington Independent School District looks forward to three more highly successful quarters of quality instruction. Please let your student’s teacher, principal, or superintendent know if there is a concern with your student’s education. We want the WB experience to be a positive one for all of our students and families.

Student safety continues to be an ever-increasing question for students, parents, and school officials. The Iowa Department of Education is working with local school districts in improving school safety plans. This is a response to legislation passed by the State of Iowa last spring. West Burlington is in the process of developing a procedure to review and improve our current safety plan. We are enlisting all of the involved stakeholders such as law enforcement, fire department personnel, school leaders, and parents. This is not the complete list of involved stakeholders. West Burlington Independent School District is planning to utilize one of our early dismissal professional development afternoons to review safety protocols with staff members. As we rework our safety plan, those changes will be shared and reviewed with staff. The district leadership team has frequent internal discussions as to how much of the safety plan detail should be shared with parents and the community. We also have discussions as to the extent of active shooter drills we should practice. As we rework our safety plan, we will make those determinations at that time. (Click here to read more) 

As the weather gets colder, inclement weather becomes more of a possibility. If you haven’t registered for email or text message alerts, please do so soon. Text messages and emails are prompt communication channels when conditions are not conducive to holding school. The media outlets that announce school closings or delays are listed on page 5 of this publication. We try to strike a balance between not delaying or cancelling with the first snow flake versus keeping everyone safe. We will continue considering all stakeholders in making the school delay/cancellation decision.

Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, I thought would take the liberty and list some of the things I am thankful for. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve such a wonderful school. We are not perfect, but we work each and every day to get better. We have instances where bullying and harassment might apply. We donot, however, ignore the problem. We work hard to get a positive result for everyone involved. I am thankful for being part of such a caring, dedicated, and professional staff. Each staff member works hard to do her/his job to the best of her/his ability. Our staff places students first. Another thing I am thankful for is the  school district’s innovation and drive to get better. Our core instruction is great and through research, professional development, and implementation, we continue to hone and polish our instructional craft. I believe we have a good balance between academics, athletics and the fine arts. We believe all three programs can thrive together. The final aspect of our school is THE most important one. I am very thankful for our students. We have the best student body around. Our students are respectful, fun, and do what they are supposed to do. We have supportive parents and a staff that helps our students flourish. Our students are the best!

First quarter is now over and we are moving into the second quarter. Please let us know if you have questions, comments, or concerns. Contact me at or (319) 752-8747, option #3.