Greetings! The West Burlington Independent School District is honored that your student is attending our school district. We offer a big welcome back to our returning students and an even bigger WELCOME to those students and families who are new to our school system. West Burlington ISD is proud of our tradition of providing an excellent balance of academics, activities and learning culture. We are here to serve the students and families while providing top quality instruction and support. WB is very excited to see another school year right around the corner.

The welcome newsletter is always a great platform to provide some data. The truth of the matter is we are happy with the numbers, but continue striving to get better while improving instruction and school culture each and every day. Our four-year graduation cohort came in at 92.2%. This is good, but there were four students who did not graduate with their class. The good news is by time the Department of Education published these numbers, all four of these students had met graduation requirements and were holding their high school diplomas. We all share the thought that a high school diploma opens doors of opportunity for all of our young people. The best news is our five-year cohort data reports a 100% graduation rate. West Burlington Arnold High School was able to graduate all of our students from the class of 2017, but it took four of our students a little extra time.

The West Burlington Independent School District is happy to report our Iowa Assessment results are excellent. Our students did a stellar job on the tests and our results reflect that. The 2017-2018 Iowa Assessments yielded the following results: In regard to grades 3 through 11 math scores; West Burlington surpassed all of our AEA schools except for grade 7 in which our 78% proficiency tied our AEA counterparts. The average percent of West Burlington students who scored proficient or higher was 83%, the AEA average was 74% over the nine grades, and the state average was 78%. Now you know why we described our scores as stellar. (Click Here to Continue): 

Our reading scores yielded even better results. West Burlington surpassed all of our AEA districts significantly. West Burlington’s average proficiency percentage was 85% over the nine grades while the AEA average proficiency percentage was 73%. Of the nine grades tested, only one scored below the AEA schools in percent of proficient students in reading. The state average proficiency was 78%. The only description of the results that I can render is “we blew our AEA schools out of the water.” I guess the same term applies to our state comparison as well. West Burlington’s ACT score composite average was 22.7 compared to the state average of 21.9. I commend our instructional staff, support staff, administration, board, parents and most importantly —- our students for a job well done. The entire Iowa Core Report can be found on our district website.

West Burlington isn’t working on any major facility projects, but we are happy about the JH/HS kitchen equipment upgrade. We did an area upgrade with flooring, lighting, and reconfiguration of our JH/HS kitchen last summer. The second phase of the project is to install new equipment and a serving line. We will have a main entrée choice, salad bar choice and a la carte offerings every day. The equipment and serving line will improve serving efficiency and enhance food quality. West Burlington believes that we need to offer a positive experience in all aspects of student life to help the total student grow as a person. We are glad the board did not have to borrow any money to complete the two-phase kitchen upgrade.

West Burlington Independent School District continues to monitor our grade caps, K-12. Our elementary classroom sizes average less than 18 students per classroom. We believe our small class sizes, quality instruction, innovation and positive learning environment contribute immensely to the success West Burlington is experiencing. We wholeheartedly believe that collaboration with all of the district stakeholders is crucial to our effectiveness. This newsletter contains all kinds of useful tidbits. We are doing online registration for our returning families and we ask students new to West Burlington to register in person at their respective building office. We want to put a face to a name. This also gives the new student(s) the opportunity to check out his/her new school. We are so proud that you have chosen West Burlington as your school of choice. We will continue to offer quality instruction, reasonable class sizes, quality programs, safe and secure buildings and the assurance that we truly care about your student and your student’s well being. Falcon pride is alive and well. Have a great rest of the summer and as always……. Kids First!!

If you have questions please contact Superintendent Dave Schmitt at (319) 752-8747, option #3 or