This is the last newsletter of the 2017-2018 school year. We have had another highly successful year at West Burlington Independent School District. We are happy to announce our four-year cohort had a 92.17% graduation rate. The best news on this number is when it is extended another year, a five-year cohort, WBISD had a 100% graduation rate. We graduated everyone, but it took five years for four of our students to do so. Our drop our rate is .71%, less than one percent. The board achievement data presentation will be May 21st. Our Iowa Assessment scores have grown to new heights. West Burlington exceeds the schools in the Great Prairie Educational Agency and around the state in most of the test comparisons. Some of our achievement data “towers” over schools in our area and statewide. If you want to see our stellar achievement scores for yourself, plan to attend the May 21st board meeting. If you can’t attend, check our website. The results will be posted after the May 21st board meeting. We will put a link on the website so you can see the data yourself, and draw your own conclusions. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say the scores are stellar.

The school district’s success must be attributed to our excellent instructional staff. I don’t know where you would find a more professional, knowledgable, or caring teaching staff. Our paraprofessionals and support staff do a great job supporting instruction and are truly dedicated to our district mission. Our instructional coaches have made a big difference with their work coaching our teachers. I am proud of our administrators as well as our supportive board of education. I’m saving the biggest props for the group who deserves it most. I know you have already guessed who that is…..our students. We have the best PK-12 student body in the state, and it is obvious
how seriously our students took the Iowa Assessment tests. Not only did our students perform well on the Iowa Assessment, but they work hard every day in regard to academics, behavior, and helping each other. It is great to be a Falcon! Kids First! (click here to read more) 

The school calendar has been approved for the 2018-2019 school year. Thanks for your input on how the calendar should look. I recommended the board approve the calendar with a week-long spring break. School starts on August 24th and we will do online registration again in August. We will continue with 2:15PM early dismissal on Fridays. We believe the early outs work well for families and the professional development has definitely helped us hone our instructional skills, and in turn we are experiencing a positive impact on our achievement scores. A copy of the calendar is on page 15 of this publication.

We are offering a free summer hot lunch program again this summer. This program is a federal program run by the state of Iowa. The elementary school is hosting. This program benefits our students who are in summer school and anyone else 18 years old or younger. Our lunches served totals increased last summer and we would like to continue our upward trend. Please see the flyer on page 6 of this publication for dates and times.

Thanks for a great school year. We are truly appreciative of the opportunity to help your student(s) grow academically and personally. We do have the best students in the state. Have a wonderful summer and before you know it, you will be receiving the back-to-school newsletter. If you have questions, concerns, or comments please contact me at or call (319) 752-8747, option #3. Students First!