Iowa Assessments are complete and West Burlington Independent School District is waiting patiently for the results. We recognize that this one test is a snapshot of where our students are, and further recognize the assessment is as much of an assessment of the school district as it is of the students. We look at the results as an avenue to make instructional decisions in regard to articulating core concepts and finding strengths and weaknesses in our instructional program. Our staff takes these tests and results seriously and with good reason. Please be advised, we are doing numerous formative assessments throughout the school year and view the Iowa Assessment as a culmination of our work up to that point in time. We use the entire slate of our assessments to analyze how each of our students is progressing. We will report our Iowa Assessment results when we’ve had a chance to do a thorough analysis. We are excited to see the impact of our new elementary reading program.

The proposed school calendar for the 2018-2019 school year is available for your examination. Please look at it on the school website and send me your thoughts, comments, or ideas. A school calendar cannot meet all of our needs, but we do listen to staff, parental, and stakeholder input. I am leaning towards recommending a weeklong spring break for this coming school year. The board will act on the calendar at the April 16th board meeting. Look for the draft copy of the calendar on the district website but please be advised that it is a draft, and possibly not the final version. We place a date stamp on it so in the future you will know if it is a draft or final version. (click here to read more)  

We are busy planning for the 2018-2019 school year. I don’t foresee any major changes to our school, programming, or instructional approaches. We will work on getting better and doing a better job for each of our 920 students. It truly is an honor that your student spends his/her day with us, giving West Burlington Independent School District the opportunity to help your student grow personally and academically. We view our work in educating your child as a team effort in which all stakeholders must be actively engaged in helping the student grow to his/her potential. Thank you again, for allowing us to work with your student. If you have questions, comments, or concerns you can contact me at or (319) 752-8747. Maybe spring is finally here. The PTO Fun Fest is April 6th. We hope to see you there. Kids First!