The holidays are over and winter has set in. This is an annual ritual, which we Iowans have grown accustomed to. The bitter cold has been a challenge. We cannot emphasize enough the need for our students to wear appropriate attire to school. This applies to elementary, junior high and high school students. If the family budget doesn’t allow the purchase of a heavy winter coat, hat, or gloves, please contact your student’s nurse and we will be able to supply one. On bitterly cold mornings or snowy mornings, we try to make the delay or cancellation call before 6 a.m.

West Burlington Independent School District is starting the planning stages for the 2018-2019 school year. We are exploring new classes, looking at current programs, and brainstorming possible upgrades in academic offerings. We are proud of our academic program, but recognize the need to keep growing to meet student needs. WBISD also recognizes that not all of our students are interested in going to a four year institution after graduation. We are working to update our vocational programs and offer programs that will transition students from West Burlington’s hallways to a training program or even directly into employment. We are working on collaborating with neighboring school districts to broaden our program offerings, but not drive up educational costs. Stay tuned. If you have input in academic programming, I suggest contacting your student’s building principal. (Click Read more to continue)

I hope our students and parents still believe early outs on Fridays for professional development is a good thing. Please let me know if you support continuing this practice or if there is a better solution. As WBISD starts to work on next school year’s calendar, we are making the assumption to continue early out Fridays unless we receive overwhelming input to the contrary. WBISD will start budget work in early February. Our school board works hard to keep our overall levy as low as possible. Our budget will be completed and certified by the April 15th deadline.

Although we are starting to plan for next school year we have a lot of 2017-2018 left. Yes optimists, the year is half-full. Please let your student’s teacher, coach, principal, or superintendent know if you have questions or if concerns arise. You can reach me at or (319) 752-8747, option #3. We are here to serve and help. As always, Kids First!