Welcome back Staff and Students! School resumes January 3, 2017.

West Burlington Independent School District staff, board, and administration would like to wish you and your family a very joyous and peaceful holiday. We appreciate your involvement in your student’s education. WBISD also appreciates your son and/or daughter attending our school.

As 2017 quickly approaches, WBISD is starting to make preparations for the 2017-2018 school year. The school calendar is always an item of interest to students, parents, and staff. I will ask for your input a couple times as we put together a draft of next school year’s calendar. Presently, I’m inquiring about one key aspect of our school calendar. I am asking for your input on the Friday early dismissal. The input that I’ve received so far has been favorable, but I will continue asking. Please send your thoughts, questions, or concerns about our Friday early dismissals to me

West Burlington Independent School District is very proud of the community leadership we have been asserting in regard to the Bridges Out of Poverty movement. The school district has provided training opportunities for many community groups and individuals. WBISD has been instrumental in assisting community leaders implement this worthwhile program. If you have ideas or would like to become involved in our Bridges program, please contact Vern Reed at The West Burlington Independent School District Board of Education strongly supports the efforts of our community-based Bridges team in their efforts to combat generational poverty and help those smitten by poverty. We believe, wholeheartedly, that overcoming the barriers of poverty is a crucial element in providing a great education for all of our students. West Burlington ISD did a presentation at the Iowa Association of School Board convention in Des Moines in mid-November. The presentation was well received and some schools in different parts of the state have reached out to us for more information.   

West Burlington ISD is proud of our attempts to help all students every day. We try to provide daily interventions to meet your child’s learning needs. If your student isn’t progressing as well as you hope or think he/she should be doing, please contact your student’s teacher, guidance counselor, or principal. We are all here to help. We believe that providing individualized direct instruction is the best way to intervene and help your student be successful in school.

The WBISD Board of Education is pleased to announce they will be receiving a cash settlement from Curriculum Loft in the KUNO litigation case. We are not recovering all our money invested in the KUNO devices, but are pleased to tell you we will be getting a check in the neighborhood of $160,000 after lawyer fees have been paid. The best news in all of this is our Chromebooks are working great and performing well as an instructional tool.

We are very lucky to have great kids, supportive parents, a nice community, and dedicated staff.  Falcon Pride abounds! Kids First!! Happy Holidays!