123456First quarter ended on October 25th and we have quietly moved into second quarter. I hope West Burlington Independent School District is meeting your child’s needs and the parents’ expectations. Please communicate with us any questions or concerns you might have with instructional practice and curriculum delivery. We are here to serve.

The certified enrollment date has come and gone and the results are a mixed bag. Resident students sitting in our classrooms decreased by 29 students. State aid is determined by enrollment. Open enrollment into West Burlington Independent School District has increased by 20 students. We now have 489 students making the choice to attend West Burlington ISD. Our total number of students sitting in our classrooms and receiving instruction is now 912. This is a decrease of 9 students from where we certified our enrollment last October. The school district budget will still modestly grow because of the increase in per pupil State aid and the fact state general fund dollars follow open enrolled students. The assumption we make is the State legislative body will provide an increase in per student spending for PK-12 education for the 2017-2018 school year.

The Teacher Leadership Program is making a positive impact upon our instructional practices. Professional development for our staff and colleague coaching experiences are contributing to instructional improvement. We will find out the impact on learning when our students take the Iowa Assessments in spring 2017. Our teaching staff is doing a great job of working together and collaborating. 

West Burlington Schools is working with four other school districts in pursuing legal action against Curriculum Loft. Curriculum Loft is the company who provided the KUNO devices. This group of school districts has hired a reputable law firm to represent our interests. Please be assured we are representing our tax payers’ interests well. If/when a major development can become public, you will be the apprised. Thanks for your patience in this matter. The good news in all of this is the way our Chromebooks are performing. WBISD is generally very pleased with the Chromebooks. They are fast, reliable, and they can do what we need them to do. The number of breakdowns is very low, and when there is damage, we can do repairs inhouse. We will continue to monitor Chromebook usage and performance.

I hope your student’s school year is going well. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at david.schmitt@wbschools.us or call (319)752-8747, option #3. Our mission at West Burlington Independent School District continues to be, Kids First!