david_schmittWelcome Letter
By David Schmitt

I am happy to say the 2016-2017 school year will start on August 23rd. When the start of school rolls around, we will have completed many summer projects to make our buildings safer, more efficient, and an improved learning environment.

The north parking lot by the elementary building is a major change in regard to the safety of our children. It now has two driveways—one into the lot and one out of the lot. We have added about 24 parking spots so staff will be able to park in the lot, saving spaces for parents who park on the street to pick-up or drop-off their students. The south side of the parking lot will have two lanes. One lane is for through traffic, and the other lane is for dropping off students and picking them up. The final procedures have not been finalized but will be available by the time registration rolls around. Look at our website, Facebook page, and flyers at registration to get all of the dropoff/pick-up details. We recognize these changes won’t completely cure our after school traffic jam, but we know our students will be safer. Please allow me to thank you in advance for your cooperation.   

The kitchen upgrade at the elementary will make West Burlington ISD more efficient and will enhance the quality of food for our students and staff. I know I obviously don’t get out much, but the combi-ovens I believe are one of the greatest inventions known to school superintendents. These ovens will speed up food preparation while dramatically enhancing food quality. I know our kitchen ladies are excited to have this wonderful piece of equipment available for their usage. As I write this article in mid-July, the kitchen is ready for the equipment to be installed, but the equipment isn’t here, yet. If for some reason the kitchen isn’t completely ready for the start of school, Mrs. McPherson and her crew have plans in place to serve delicious, nutritional meals as we work on final completion of the kitchen.

The playground at the elementary will be the most popular upgrade with the students. At the present time it is raining and pushing back the concrete work, delaying installation of the surface and equipment. The playground will be much safer than our old one, it will allow more kids to play in a smaller play area, and we are convinced this upgrade could help nudge our academics a little. The playground and surface will be done as soon as possible, but it still appears it will be completed before school starts on August 23rd. We have done many small upgrades in all of our buildings along with painting, ceiling tile replacement, and flooring upgrades. West Burlington Independent School District continues to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ resources, and of that we are very proud.

On behalf of the West Burlington Independent School District Board of Education, staff, and administrative team, I‘d like to say welcome to families new to our school, and welcome back to those who have attended WBISD in the past. We will continue to have a family atmosphere in all of our hallways, and classrooms, and continue making instruction our number one priority. West Burlington ISD is proud to say we believe we are the school of choice in our part of the State. Have a great rest of the summer, plan on registration on August 4th and 5th and remember our motto at WBISD is Students First!