summer baseballAs the 2015-2016 school year quickly races to the finish I write this final newsletter article to apprise you of what is going on in the school district during the summer months. West Burlington Independent School District is like many school districts: we have lots of activity during the summer. I congratulate our graduating seniors and wish them the best in their future pursuits.

Our baseball and softball teams play numerous home games during the months of May, June, and even into July. Supporting the Falcons is a great way to spend a summer evening. WBISD will once again be offering summer school at all three attendance centers this summer. We view summer school not as punishment, but rather a way to catch up on credits or a means to brush up on our literacy and math skills. Please watch for school communications on summer school activities. We will once again offer free summer hot lunch for kids up to 18 years of age. We also offer meals to adults for a small fee. I encourage you to monitor school communication in regard to the summer hot lunch program.

The West Burlington Independent School District is moving forward with the three elementary projects promised before the successful Voted Physical Plant and Equipment Levy election. The first project will be the reworking of our elementary building north parking lot. The school district is looking to achieve a few things by retooling the parking and adding two lanes to the south side. We are adding over 20 new parking spots and a lane for staging the drop off and pick up of students. We believe this change will improve student safety and also recognize this will not completely cure the traffic bottleneck that occurs each day at the elementary building from 3:25 to 3:40. We hope to complete this work in June.   The second project will be completed in late June and the month of July. The playground is receiving a major face-lift. The school district is creating a more compact and efficient footprint to house the new play equipment, swings, park benches, and rubber surface. We have had some private donations; thanks to the local donors as well as the Communications Workers Association (CWA) for their generous donation to the playground. We welcome more donations if you would like to participate.

The elementary kitchen upgrade will be the most complicated. This project will rearrange the kitchen interior adding space and equipment which will allow us to prepare and serve lunches from the elementary kitchen. Demolition and equipment removal will start immediately after school is dismissed for the summer. We will be working on the kitchen right up to the first day of school. We are developing a plan just in case we are not ready to serve lunch from the kitchen on the first day of school.

The West Burlington Independent School District Board of Education thanks all stakeholders who voted in the PPEL election. It represented a significant voter turnout and we appreciate your support. It is too early to thank you for a great school year. Have a great rest of the school year. Kids First!