I hope the school year is going well for your student. Please let us know what we can do to strengthen instruction for your student. We are here to help. Working together is the best way to achieve our goal of reaching all students.

I have some dates and reminders that I would like you to keep in mind. The board of education would like to remind you if there are parents, grandparents, or anyone else who is interested in the West Burlington School District or events associated with the school district to contact Shawna Brown at shawna.brown@wbschools.us. Shawna would be more than happy to put this person on an email list and forward the monthly newsletter directly to him/her. This is for individuals who are not receiving the newsletter at this time. The newsletter can also be found on the website and we snail mail a paper copy to families with children attending our school.

On November 2nd the board is requesting your input on the football sharing agreement between West Burlington and Notre Dame. The input session will start at 7:00PM and take place in the West Burlington Arnold High School auditorium. The history of the sharing agreement will be covered as well as various scenarios. The West Burlington Board will be present to listen.

The purpose of the meeting is to gather input, not to hold a board discussion of the issue. This is an opportunity for parents, players, and community to voice their opinions. We are also inviting
stakeholders from Notre Dame to provide input. The West Burlington Board of Education will make a final decision at their November 16th regular meeting in time for the December 5th deadline to declare to the IHSAA if the agreement is still in place. Everyone who wants to speak to the issue will be provided opportunity to do so. Contact Superintendent Dave Schmitt at david.schmitt@wbschools.us or call (319) 752-8747, option #3 if you questions.

On November 3rd, there will be another board input session. The topic for this input session is the one-to-one computer initiative. As we are all aware, the KUNO devices have not worked out well. We are seeking input from our parents, students, and community on which device they believe would best fit our educational needs. Mr. Roed will provide an update as to what the district is currently thinking. After that, the public will have opportunity to share what they see as a viable device for our students to use. We will not spend time hashing over the KUNO problems. The meeting willstart at 6:00PM in the Arnold High School Auditorium. The elementary school will be discussed then. At 6:30PM the junior high school technology needs will be discussed with the high school on the agenda at 7:00PM. Please contact Superintendent Dave Schmitt at david.schmitt@wbschools.us or call (319) 752-8747, option #3 if you have questions. Hope to see you then. The board and administration value your input.

The West Burlington Board of Education is working on making a decision to call for a Voted Physical Plant and Equipment Levy election, otherwise known as VPPEL. The board is considering a February 2, 2016 vote. PPEL monies are earmarked for building improvements, transportation, and technology. The board is putting together a ten-year plan for the use of the revenue to ensure that voters are properly informed. As the board looks at fiscal year 2016-2017, they are examining ways to significantly reduce the overall levy, while still seeking voter approval on the PPEL. A public informational session will be held at some point in the process. I suggest you contact one or more board members to find out more about the possible February 2nd PPEL vote.

Enrollment looks good at this point. We are going to grow roughly 20 resident students and roughly 20 open enrolled in students. We are reducing the number of resident students open enrolling out. Good news all the way around for enrollment. The school year is going great. This is a direct reflection upon our students and families. Keep up the good work, everyone. Kids First!